Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sorry I have been MIA this week, had alot going on at home

and it just seemed to never be enough time to get on to blog .... My daughter's foot is still really yucky looking, can't remember if I posted that she went to the dr and he said it is a Grade 3 sprain which means torn ligament. She is in a compression boot until March 1st and we go in to see if anything else needs to be done, and a possible MRI.

as for me, well yesterday afternoon I was bent over to pick up something our dog was tearing up and he jumped up top of his head straight into bottom of my nose, and I saw stars and heard a crunch.... I have some swelling and it is very tender up on the bridge part of my nose, and one heck of a headache.... in fact, I am gonna go lay down now and rest.... Went to church this morning and kids have youth group tonight at 5... so I have time to nap I think.

just wanted to touch base and say HI and I am thinking about you, just been totally wrapped up...

Have a blessed Sunday!!!!

prim hugs

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Wishing everyone a very Happy Valentine's Day, as for me, I am home today with my youngest, she fell roller skating on Saturday night and we spent all day in Acute Care yesterday, not sure if its just a bad sprain or if there is tendon damage, possible a fracture but it was hard to see on the xrays yesterday cause there was so much swelling and inflamation .... She goes to the podiatrist tommorrow at 10 to see what they think, until then she is home with foot up on pillows sitting on couch watching movies, right now she is watching Ramona and Beezus (she loves Selina Gomez) and she is just a laughing away.

I am heading into town in a lil bit to get her school stuff her teachers have gathered up for her and get some papers I need to fill out for tommorrow, so that I can go to work and hubby who is off next two days can take her in for her appt.

Hope everyone has a blessed day!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Really Neat Swap/Challenge ....

There is a really neat swap that they are having people signup for now through the 15th, it is a Siggy Block Swap and Challenge go here to check it out this looks like it will be great fun and think of the gorgeous lap quilt or wall hanging you will have with signatures from all over the world.

I am signing up , what about you?

Prim Blessings,

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

and 2nd swap - 5 Favorite Things Swap

This swap was through A Pickled Pepper Patch and hosted by Char, my swap partner was Becky and WOWSERS she spoiled me so, I am such a lucky girl with two such great swap partners.
In this swap we were to send our partner, 5 of our favorite things, and Becky and I well we loved the same things so this was easy peasy. In this wonderful box of goodies I got today, there was a quilted heart makedo on an antique bobbin, a adorable lil bunny in an antique measuring cup, a cute cute cute crow in a rusty can with a flag and an adorable label, the cutest lil spring flowers on old wooden thread bobbins, a quilted piece of fabric in a black frame that is just awesome (and such small blocks) and the best thing of all was a prim candle board with 4 prim candles (have wanted one for forever.... woot woot ... love everything!!!! Thank you for spoiling me so!!! Your goodies are on the way, can't wait to know if you like your stuff.
Prim Blessings!

I am so spoiled received 2 swaps in the last 2 days

The first one is from swap through A Primitive Place - Tammy's blog, wowsers such great stuff and I feel so bad because I guess I am the only one who just sent 3 things, and my partner Nancy sent me so much awesome stuff. First I got this gorgeous prarie doll holding a rustin lid with a candle light in side, then a treen candy mold that is to die for, a adorable pillow tuck, some smelly good melts, cheesecloth wrapped smelly goods, 2 wax crows, and 2 magnetic note pads that are so primtastic and a rusty tin star garland. Thank you so much for spoiling me so good! I can only hope you like your stuff as well. my pics aren't the best as they are from my phone (dog ate the camera cord) I will show more better pics once I have redecorated for the spring.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Just started a Selling Blog

We are having so much trouble with our online site , I decided to leave it alone for now and try the Selling Blog approach. Alot of my prim friends are doing it and so I said hmm I am gonna do it too.
I am gonna start now getting somethings done to add to the blog and even work on a goodie for a giveaway woot woot.

the new blog is

Prim Blessings
SnA Primitive Crafts

Busy Busy Weekend

Whew , time to slow down and rest, been on the go it seems pretty much all weekend. Today is a gorgeous day here, Sun is shining so pretty, and other than a cool breeze it is awesome! Makes you wonder what is coming next , after every gorgeous Sunday the weather gets nasty by Tuesday.

My youngest daughter was baptized today, :-) it was such a wonderful time, the pastor is such a good man and he was so loving and sweet in the words he said about my daughter. Its just been an awesome day.

Off to get ready for the Super Bowl, woot woot Go Steelers.

Be Blessed!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wow its February already

this year is flying by... I have so much to do and so much less time to do it now that January and come and gone. I am not on as much but I am here in my heart, just trying to spend less time on puter and more time working on our inventory and all the swaps I am signed up for.

Hope everyone is well and hanging in during all this weather we have been having, here in NC is not bad, but it is might cold and grey this evening when I got off work, who knows what we will wake up too.

Prim Blessings to All ! (now off to do some crafting)

Be Blessed!