Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday 8/25

First day back to school, hope my children are having an awesome day. Can't wait to hear how things went when then get home.

Please pray for my 13 yr old daughter, she is going through some stuff right now and I believe in the power of prayer so ask that you all keep her in yours.

Be Blessed


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday 8/24

Well School Starts back tommorrow and I am so happy ... My 13 yr old daughter has been so *bored* she needs to get back to school and do some work lol.

I have not been so creative the last two nights , been getting in late from work and just haven't felt the creative urge after long work day then coming home to have to cook and clean....
But I will be doing more this weekend definately, gotta get my stuff made for the giveaway, and have a few special goodie packages in the works for a couple of special prim buddies.

Hope everyone is well.

Be Blessed!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Weather finally cooling down

it has been cooler and kinda dreary and rainy but to me that is just prime crafting time. I finally got back in my craft room last nite, seems likes its been forever but I needed a break I think after the big push for the show we had over the 4th of July.

I am so excited , I am going on my first all girls primitive gathering weekend this weekend. I am leaving out Friday morning bright and early and driving up to stay with one of my internet besties that I have know for awhile online but have never met and I can't wait. Then we will drive over and meet up with the other gals and shop til we drop in Amish country in Berlin OH on Saturday and then I will head back home on Sunday.

I have found some really neat stuff out thrifting that I need to update you all on and show pics.
I am trying to get my head back in the program lol.

I am off now to look at other friends blogs, be Blessed this week.