Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sorry Its Been Awhile Since Last Post

Its been a very busy week at work and then this weekend just seemed to FLY by, today was GORGEOUS here in NC it was actually 70 degrees... but starting tommorrow the bottom falls back out of the weather. Such a tease Mother Nature is...

I haven't really been crafting much this week, I do have a swap I have to get out on Friday for a swap I am through A Primitive Place and then I have another to get out I am in with The Pickled Pepper Patch by the next Friday, I hope to get both mailed on Friday (as that is payday and I have to wait til then to get them out)

Tommorrow's my Mom's birthday so doubt to get anything done tommorrow, but hopefully I will be able to get my act in gear and get to crafting Tuesday, that being the 1st day of Feburary.

well time to get off here and get some laundry folded and get ready for bed.

Be Blessed and Prim Hugs!!!


Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

It was like that here in southern Illinois too.
Well, it didn't hit 70s but it was in the 50s the last couple of days. With plenty of sunshine.
And like you said... That is about to change here also.
Reports are saying it is going to get cold again !!!
But this can't go on too much longer, can it??
Surely it has to start warming up for good soon!
And I can't wait!!

Wishing your mom a happy birthday!!

Take care,