Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday 1-4-11

Good Morning All, I had the day off yesterday and actually other than taking down Christmas decor really didn't do much, was still suffering from the bad acid reflux episode from the night before.
I hate I totally blew a day off but it was necessary I guess, sometimes we just have to stop and slow down and rest. Things have been so non-stop with the holidays and work and then my in-laws visit, just when it was finally quiet I said REST Angie and I did.

So today I have a foot dr appt at 9:30 and then I am back to work. I also plan to get a Mega Million lottery ticket tonight for the big drawing. It would be so nice to win, and I am not greedy I will even settle for 1 million who needs the whole 330 million..... lol. I would love to have enough that I didn't have to work a full-time job, but then again if I wasn't working I might go nuts. Schools nowadays at least here in NC are so lacking, would love to homeschool my 7th grader, she gets rushed so she doesn't learn like she should. My niece who has been homeschooled from the start is so smart and so advanced... but then again she doesn't get the socializing my daughter does at public school.... BUT I digress, I have to work, so I can't homeschool her and its a mute point right now anyway.

I got one of my swap partners today, should also be getting another one but must have went to my work email, I have those two blog swaps one through A Primitive Place - Tammy and the other through The Pickled Pepper Patch... which both are awesome blogs, check them out if you haven't already.

so well I guess now I have to go get ready to head out, hope everyone has a great day..
and to Jen from taylors *farmhouse* attic I am praying for you and thinking of you today!

God Bless!