Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday's Activities

Good Morning All,
I got up earlier to get my hubby a warm breakfast cooked before he left out for work on this cold morning, so I just decided to stay up and do some laundry and clean a lil, now I am resting, still not up to par from the stomach bug so trying not to over do it. And so now I am here online checking out my favorite primitive communites and blogs. I am still learning about my blog and how to add things and link to this and that so bare with me as I am a work in progress all the time.
I will be working on my "hares" today, got 12 of them traced, cutout, sewed and stuffed last night and now I am on to the stitching, painting and staining and decorating them. My hubby last night saw a couple of the faces I had stitched so far (just noses and mouths) and he said they look like *pissed off fun man chu wabbits* lol. I hope to get a couple done before he gets home from work to show him the finished thing and see what he thinks at that point.
Do you have big plans today? Its cold here, but not any snow or ice *yet* we are predicted to get a system coming in Monday evening and it is to be around til Wednesday, and at this point they aren't sure exactly what we will get ... depends on the track and the speed of the two systems meeting over top of us. I personally would prefer snow if we have to have anything but where we live (NC) is normally the ice line between the North and the South.... Maybe we will get lucky and it be just rain, kids have already missed 6 days this school year so far and next week is two of the 6 makeup days figured into the schedule, soooo who knows. Here we missed a whole day the kids could have gone because the weather men were predicting a snow event to start at lunch time and it didn't even start til 5 pm soooo who knows what will come of this next system.
Personally I am ready for SPRING, I am so over Winter and the cold, and germs floating around.

well I have talked enough I think , time to go get dog back in house from his jaunt outside and to get back to work on my hares.

Be Blessed in All you do today!!!!