Thursday, December 30, 2010

Good Morning Everyone

Well, my inlaws are on the way down from PA today, I sure hope that have a safe trip, always worry about them driving especially in the winter, last check in they are just south of Greensburg and driving through freezing rain. I pray that their travels are safe.....

Anyone made their New Year's resolutions yet? I hate to make them because I always seem to break them. I am just gonna say that I am going to do a major overhaul of my lifestyle come January 1st. I have really not taken care of myself like I should this past year, and I am not a spring chicken anymore so its time to start I would say. I am gonna start small weekly goals for myself and see what comes from them. Wish me luck.

I have started making some salt dough ornies/bowl fillers this week. I saw some really neat ones on a fellow blogger, And Baby Makes Five. And I said you know I am gonna give them and try and they are so easy, just taking a break from them cleaning for the visit, and will get back to them after my inlaws head back home Monday.

well I have to get back to work, last day of this year workwise.... yipppeee

Happy New Year !!!