Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Primitive Journey

ever been to the A Primitive Journey Community? if not u need to go, it is awesome collaboration of like mind crafters and craft lovers for the Primitives we all love. Diane (the director of this community) has come up with an awesome idea. Have you ever thought it would be great to meet up with fellow prim lovers and spend a day either visiting local prim shoppes or thrifting or even sitting around doing a project together? Well that was her idea and she has come up with a new idea. She has gone about setting up Chapters of like mind prim lovers in several different area's largest cities and they will meet once a month on the 3rd Saturday of each month, and have a great time together.
I know for me there are not many ppl that like the primitive look like I do in my city, but there are a couple of gals within a 1-2 hr drive, and I can't wait to get to meet them in person and spend 1 day once a month and have a day of laughs and primitive craft memories to share together.
Who can say they have enough friends? and who of us wouldn't like to hang out with another person or group of ppl that we can share our love of primitives with?
I am so excited and I can't wait til August 21st, the first meeting.

I have signed up to be the local Greensboro, NC director for this chapter. if you are local and Greensboro isn't too far for you to drive, come on and join the group. you have to join the community first and then once accepted you will be signed up for your local chapter.

check it out

be blessed